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Reverse Fairy Tales Series

Do you love fairy tails?

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if gender roles were reversed?

Do you want stories with both love and adventure?

Then you will love this series! Each story is set in a historical time period. Each plot is that of a beloved fairy tale- with one twist- the roles of the hero and heroine are reversed. These are set in the 'real' world, so the only magic is love (and maybe the odd gypsy curse). Will you fall into the clutches of the beast? Climb the metaphorical bean stalk? Find the trail of breadcrumbs you left? Come find out- it is perfectly safe- I promise!

Coming Soonish!

Final cover to be determined

Beauty and The Beast

Time Period: Regency England

Eloise Campbell’s good looks were shredded in a carriage accident, leaving her to grow into womanhood lonely, angry, and nicknamed “The Beast”. Now, her great aunt has left her a fortune… on condition she marries. Eloise is perfectly content to let the money rot, but her parents give her an ultimatum: get married or spend the rest of her life in an institution to deal with her anti-social ways. Eloise chooses marriage, but the thought of feeling the disgust in her husband’s eyes when he looks upon her makes her skin crawl. When she learns she is to marry one of the most handsome men of the ton, that just makes everything so much worse.


Allen Wexford was considering marrying and settling down, but marriage to the woman people unkindly refer to as "The Beast" was not what he had in mind. His family is on the verge of bankruptcy, and as the only unmarried son it falls to him to save them. Despite his misgivings, Allen is determined to make the best of things. His new wife, however, turns out to be a complex and tantalizing challenge in ways he never expected. Can Allen look past her scars and, even more challenging, convince his Beastly Bride that he actually cares for more than her money?


Genevieve La Roux

Beast is in the eye of the beholder

The Beastly Bride

Work in Progress!

Snow White_edited.jpg

Title Needed

Genevieve La Roux

Snow White

Time Period: Early Victorian

When Viscount Freddie Fortescue was fifteen his uncle tried to murder him. Freddie fled into the wilderness, was taken in by a group of orphans and went to work with them in the coal mines. Then five years later, the fascinating Sylvia Prince walks into his life with a determination to right the wrongs of the world. Sylvia stirs Freddie to begin to think about his future. Perhaps it is time that he faces up to his uncle’s betrayal and fights for what is his. Freddie has only his wits against his uncle’s money, power and reputation, but then Sylvia might be the perfect ally. 
    Sylvia Prince ekes out a living writing for a lady’s journal. As a journalist she wants to give a voice to the voiceless. When writing about the coal mines she meets the mysterious Freddie. He toils in the mines and has a body built from hard labor, but his speech and conversation reveal a man far more educated than he should be. Her curiosity will not rest until she has figured out what happened in Freddie’s past and why he looks out for seven orphan children of no relation. The answers to her questions and her feelings for Freddie are far more dangerous than anticipated. She and Freddie are in a game of cunning against a man far more powerful than she has ever dealt with. They must succeed before Freddie’s uncle finishes what he set out to do five years ago.

Work in Progress!

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Title Needed

Genevieve La Roux

Jaqui and the Bean Stalk

Time Period: Early Victorian

Jaqui Green angered her mother after trading their cow for three seeds from the wilds of South America. When the seeds sprout into exotic flowers Jaqui seeks out help on how to grow and sell them. At Kew Gardens she meets Merriweather Harp. As he patiently helps her turn her exotic seeds into a way out of poverty, Jaqui finds her losing her heart to him. Should she follow her dreams or take a chance on a man with a dark secret?

In a moment of stupidity, Merriweather Harp gives Jaqui the name of the most avid and dangerous collector of exotic plants, Lord Haley. Merri must do everything in his power to keep Jaqui safe, but that will be difficult because Lord Haley has the power to destroy Merri’s life. As Merri tries to steer Jaqui on a more sensible path he finds beneath her dreamy exterior lies more cunning and steel than he ever expected. She might just be a match for Lord Haley. Working with Jaqui has made Merri begin to hope for a brighter future, but how can he convince Jaqui his future should include her?

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When I was a girl I loved to read the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson fairy tails. I was never much interested in the Disney versions. My love of fairy tales has endured, and anything fairy tale gets my attention. 

(There was that time I

accidentally bought a book of fairy tales retold for gay men and it took me way too long figure out why there were no women). I have always wondered what is so enduring and captivating about these stories. I love reading modern fairy tales and retellings, because they help me gain a deeper understanding. Here I exchange the hero and the heroine to see what that might tell us about these tales, what they mean to us, and what they say about human nature.

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