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Genevieve La Roux


Who am I?

I, Genevieve La Roux grew up in a sciency household, which led me to pursue biology in school. However, as much as I like science, the siren call of being a writer has grown increasingly hard to resist. My favorite classes in college were Shakespeare, King Arthur and Environmental Literature. Daydreaming has long been one of my top hobbies and my mind has become cluttered with plot ideas. 

I love thinking about history and wondering: What did they eat? What was courtship like? What did they do for fun? What was the toilet paper situation? The romance novels I read are almost always historical. There are so many time periods that intrigue me. The stories on my grand list of plot ideas span many eras and areas of the globe. I had to begin somewhere so for my first completed book I decided to go with the regency- why not start with a classic?

I am currently, over-educated, under-employed, and have a worrisome debt to income ratio. I have traveled a lot of the world and the US, but have so many more places to see. I have two dogs. One is like a teddy bear who has cost me a fortune in vet bills and the other is colored like cookies and cream ice cream, will do anything for food and is much less expensive. I also have a silver tabby named after my favorite female pirate because she is tough enough to deal with too large impolite dogs.

Genevieve's Romantic Sensibilities

What do I love about romance novels? Happy endings! Love stories! I want every reader to feel like it could be them in my story. Everyone deserves to find love and their happily ever after.

I write what I want to read about. First off I love a great historical setting. Second there needs to be a strong heroine who takes action to control her own destiny. Third is a hero who is willing to be a partner, he will step up when the need arrives, but is equally willing to follow the heroine's lead. Fourth throw in a compelling plot and you have yourselves a Genevieve La Roux novel.

Two other notes. I like some physical diversity in my heroes. They don't all have to be over six-foot with linebacker shoulders, chiseled jaws and a brooding manner. Yes I finds that sexy, but so are so many other combinations of male features that result in sexy. Also I am interested in love at all levels of society. Yes the nobility is fascinating, and will certainly feature in some of my works, but I also want to tell the stories of the more ordinary people throughout history. I don't always want to read about dukes, I will likely never meet one, let alone fall in love with one. Do not the passions of the shop keepers and the milkmaids burn as bright? Don't those of us of peasant stock have a chance at happiness?

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