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Where history comes alive and love always wins...

Where heroines are strong and heroes strong enough to love them...

Where we go looking for love in all the right books...

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Genvieve's Latest- Coming Soon

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast...

...except, this time, she is the beast

Regency England is not a friendly place for a young woman with a face badly marred. What happens when circumstances force her and the ton's most handsome bachelor to wed? Can a scarred woman leave the shadows of her beastly reputation? Can a gorgeous man look past appearances and be brave enough for both of them?

Find out.... in 'The Beastly Bride'

This is the exciting debut of Genevieve La Roux

Book One of the Reverse Fairy Tale Series


The Beastly Bride

Genevieve La Roux

Beast is in the eye of the beholder

Final cover to be determined

What is La Roux thinking?

Have you ever wondered what was going through the head of an author?

Well wonder no more! I am an open book (pun intended)

My blog has a variety of posts all about my thought processes

Reflections: how I felt about an aspect of my work

Inspiration Boards: fun summaries of what inspired me, with pictures!

Discussion: I hash out a topic I have been mulling over- your input desired!

Research Findings: writing takes a lot of research and sometimes you find something so good you need to share

Author Updates: what I have been working on

Loved it: recommendations of a book or other romance related media that I loved

Check out my latest post about how writing the character of Eloise was unexpectedly very emotional for me here


Series by Genevieve La Roux

Reverse Fairytales

Classic tales of love retold. The hero and the heroine may have switched roles, but they will both need all their courage and wit to find their happily ever after. Set in various historical periods in a realistic setting, the only magic needed is that of love.

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